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HSC Result 2023 Bangladesh: Check Results & Marksheet

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Result 2023 in Bangladesh has been officially announced on November 26, 2023. This year’s HSC and equivalent examination pass rate stands at an impressive 85.95 percent. The results were declared at 11:30 am by the Prime Minister, marking an important milestone for students across the country.

Key Points about HSC Result 2023

1. Examination Overview:
The HSC and equivalent examinations for 2023 encompassed all subjects, a departure from the previous year when students participated in exam-based subjects categorized into three groups. This year’s exam was conducted according to a short syllabus. The results for general subjects and optional/fourth subjects were formulated based on Continuous Assessment and SSC results.

2. Number of Candidates:
Approximately 14 lakh candidates took part in the HSC 2023 and equivalent examinations. This included students from nine general education boards, madrasa, and technical education boards in Bangladesh. The examination period commenced on August 17 and concluded on September 25, followed by practical tests.

3. Result Announcement and Ceremony:
The Education Minister, Deputy Education Minister, and chairpersons of various educational boards, including Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Barisal, Dinajpur, Jessore, Sylhet, and Mymensingh, were present at the result publication ceremony. The event also included the participation of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board and the Bangladesh Technical Education Board chairpersons.

How to Check HSC Result 2023

How to check HSC Result 2023
How to check HSC Result 2023

There are 2 ways you can use to check your HSC result:

1. Checking HSC Result Online

Students can access the HSC Result 2023 with Marksheet through various official websites. The Education Board Results website ( and E-board Results website ( are two primary platforms where detailed results and mark sheets can be obtained. To check results online:

Via EducationBoardResults:

  • Visit Education Board Results
  • Select “HSC / Alim” as the examination, “2023” as the year.
  • Choose your education board.
  • Enter your roll number and registration number
  • Complete the security check and click “Submit.
  • Make sure to Let us know in the comment section about your success in results!

Alternatively, you can use E-board Results, check the process below:

Via EboardResults:

  1. Visit E-board Results
  2. Select “HSC / Alim” as the examination, “2023” as the year
  3. Choose your education board.
  4. Select “Individual” as the result type.
  5. Enter your roll number and registration number
  6. Complete the security check and click “Submit.
  7. Write your Registration Number (optional for detailed results)
  8. Complete the security option.
  9. Click on the Get Results button.
  10. Make sure to Let us know in the comment section about your success in results!

2. Checking HSC Result Via SMS

Students can also receive their HSC Result 2023 via SMS. To do so:

  • Pre-registration through SMS is available until the result publication. Send a message in the following format: HSC <> Board Name (First 3 Letters) <> Roll Number <> 2023 to 16222.
  • Post-result publication, send HSC <> First 3 Letters of Board Name <> your roll number <> 2023 to 16222 to receive your result via SMS.
  • Make sure to Let us know in the comment section about your success in results!

3. Pre-Registration Benefits

Pre-registered students will receive their results quicker than others upon release. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited will notify them via SMS.


The HSC Result 2023 marks a significant achievement for students in Bangladesh. By utilizing online platforms or SMS services, candidates can promptly access their results and detailed mark sheets. The impressive pass rate stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students. The HSC Result 2023 stands as an essential milestone in the academic journey of Bangladeshi students. This achievement not only reflects the individual efforts of students but also highlights the quality of education provided by the educational boards and institutions in Bangladesh.

As students eagerly await their results, the convenience of accessing them through online platforms or SMS services ensures a seamless and swift process. The high pass rate signifies the dedication and hard work put in by students and educators, encouraging a culture of academic excellence in Bangladesh. Celebrating the success of students in the HSC Result 2023 underscores the collective efforts of the education system in shaping the future leaders of the nation.

Stay updated with official websites and SMS services to promptly access the HSC Result 2023, and continue to celebrate the academic achievements of the youth, fostering a culture of learning and growth in Bangladesh.

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